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Malaysian man mangles member

In Carnal Catastrophes on August 27, 2014 at 12:03 pm

Yet another home made cock ring catastrophe. From the Inquirer.net

Firemen in the Malaysian city of Kota Baru showed they were up for the job when called upon to remove a steel ring stuck around a man’s penis.

Another way to strangle your cock

Another way to strangle your cock

Zaki Ismail, from the fire station here, said they received a call from the emergency room of the Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital at about 7:25 a.m. on Sunday.

Zaki said the ring, which was made out of stainless steel, looked like a vehicle spare part.

“We were concentrating on the job of removing the ring. The man was also unconscious at the time. We had to go back to the station to get the right tools to perform the procedure.

‘When asked how the ring got stuck over the man’s penis, he said he was unsure as he did not have details


Olive oil cock expansion disaster

In Carnal Catastrophes on July 10, 2014 at 10:30 am

Thai man tries to increase his tackle size with the gloopy stuff and has it cut off. From Elite Daily.

Health officials in Thailand were forced to have a man remove his penis after the man injected it with olive oil in an attempt to increase its size.

Sex oil

The man injected his penis with olive oil after his friends told him it would make it bigger.

The practice, which can also involve bees wax, silicone or even paraffin, is common in Thailand, and one Bangkok hospital reports that 40 patients a month receive treatment for side effects.

The 50-year-old man was forced to remove his penis after he developed a severe infection after injecting his penis with olive oil over a number of years


Wanker gets tazed

In Carnal Catastrophes on June 21, 2014 at 3:29 pm

Crystal Meth’d cock fiddler gets shocked. From Oregon Live.

A Beaverton man was arrested following a string of erratic outbursts that culminated in the suspect allegedly masturbating in a Salem roadhouse, officials said.


It took a Taser and more than a dozen officers on Sunday to finally subdue Andrew Frey inside Iggy’s Bar & Grill on Portland Road Northeast, the Marion County Sheriff’s office said.

The 37-year-old man later told authorities he had used methamphetamine the day before and had no recollection of the alleged wild behavior, according to officials.

The brouhaha began around 1 p.m. when sheriff’s deputies started receiving reports of man acting bizarrely in the 9000 block of Brooklake Road Northeast, officials said.

The man, identified as Frey, had allegedly called a locksmith and later refused to pay the worker for his services, Marion County officials said.

After allegedly stiffing the locksmith, Frey wandered over to Brook’s Market and refused to leave, officials said. An employee at the market had to eventually escort the alleged suspect off of the property, who then made his way to Iggy’s Bar & Grill.

That’s when Frey’s behavior allegedly took a turn for the vulgar, Marion County officials said.

A bartender told authorities that Frey exposed his genitals and started masturbating at the bar, officials said. By the time a Marion County deputy arrived on scene, Frey had moved from the bar to the bathroom, but reportedly had not stopped pleasuring himself.

Frey allegedly resisted arrest, forcing the deputy to zap the suspect with a Taser multiple times, officials said. The Taser had no effect on Frey, who then allegedly starting fighting with the deputy, officials said.

At least 15 police officers from Salem, Keizer and Marion County rushed to the bar and were eventually able to take the suspect into custody, officials said.

Frey was later charged with public indecency, resisting arrest and theft.

Chinese car threesome climaxes in crash

In Carnal Catastrophes on June 19, 2014 at 11:01 am

Motor menage a trois ends with a bang.

A sexually adventurous trio met on a night out in Wenzhou, China, and after a bit of courting the two girls and a guy opted for a threesome in a parked car.

Nice trousers..pervert

Nice trousers..pervert

Some men don’t see the appeal of sleeping with two girls at once, as it simply doubles the chance of them pushing the wrong button – this proved all too true for Chung Yeh, the Ross Geller of the People’s Republic, when he accidentally kicked the handbrake off.

The car rolled down a hill and crashed into a tree while the threesome were in flagrante.

While the fool who caused the crash walked away without a scratch, the girls weren’t so lucky. One suffered internal bleeding and the other had to be cut free. They later discovered she’d broken both her legs.

A police spokesperson confirmed that ‘carnal knowledge’ had been occurring inside the vehicle.

‘The driver is being investigated for lewd acts in a public place,’ they added. ‘As the women will be when they are fit enough to answer charges.’



Man gets penis stuck in pipe for two days

In Carnal Catastrophes on June 12, 2014 at 10:23 am

Shamefaced Chinese man mates with metal and has terrible excuse. From UK Daily Mirror.

A Chinese man was left red-faced after getting his penis stuck in a pipe for two days.



Lian Tien came up with possibly the world’s most bizarre excuse for the embarrassing blunder – he was painting in the nude and slipped.

The 61-year-old said his ‘private parts’ became stuck in a pipe sticking out used to take water from the building’s air conditioning unit.

But he thought nobody would believe his story – so he stayed there for two days until he developed a fever and called doctors, who suggested they call for backup from the fire brigade.

Doc Dewei Yuan said: “The member had swollen so much that there was nothing more we could do, and we had to ask for help.”

Firefighters in Quanzhou City took four hours to cut off the pipe around the patient’s genitals.

An embarrassed Tien said: “It was hot so I was painting the wall in the nude, and I slipped on the floor causing my private parts to fall inside the pipe that was protruding from the wall to take water outside from the air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, I got stuck as a result.”

“I thought that no-one would believe me and I tried everything I could think of to get the damned thing off once it had got stuck.

“I cut it from the wall and tried pouring oil and liquid soap down the sides but my manhood was so tightly wedged that nothing dripped down.

“I went to sleep thinking that if I relaxed it would slide off. But it didn’t. It began to get red and inflamed. I was worried that I would get a terrible infection.”

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Cop shoots man after catching couple having sex in community pool

In Carnal Catastrophes on March 31, 2014 at 10:00 am

Sex paddle ends with bullets

Authorities say an off-duty deputy shot a man after a confrontation with a couple that was having sex in the pool of a Boca Raton housing complex, according to NBC affiliate WPTV.

Dolphin kissing

The deputy, who lives in Reflections of Boca del Mar at 5500 Pacific Blvd, said he found the couple engaging in sexual activity, WPTV reported. He told the couple that he is a deputy and asked them to leave the premises.

Although they left reluctantly, the couple returned a short time later and the man approached the deputy, who was sitting in a lounge chair, according to WPTV.


Sri Lankan man dies after sex act goes wrong

In Carnal Catastrophes on March 15, 2014 at 10:22 am

A Sri Lankan national who had recently graduated from college, was found dead in a condominium here, in what is believed to be a sex act gone wrong.

Acting city CID chief Asst Comm Khairi Ahrasa said the 34-year-old had been dead between four and seven days when he was found on Tuesday at the condominium in Taman Abadi Indah.

A friend of the Sri Lankan had sought help from a security guard when he was unable to enter the condominium unit.

According to ACP Khairi, the friend was unable to enter the unit because he had left his keys with someone else.

“They went into the unit after breaking the door lock and were greeted by a stench coming from the bedroom.

“The victim was found sprawled half-naked on his bed,” ACP Khairi told reporters on Wednesday.

He added that police have classified the case as murder.

“There were signs of struggle in the unit. Whoever was here at the time of the murder had rummaged through his belongings,” ACP Khairi.

Police retrieved a Sony mobile phone, drug paraphernalia, lubricant and sex toys from the scene.

“Based on these findings, we believe that the victim may have been involved in same-sex activities,” said ACP Khairi.

“We are waiting for the post-mortem results to ascertain whether he was killed using a sharp object. However, no weapon was found at the site,” he added.

ACP Khairi said the victim had recently graduated from a local college and had been living on his own, adding that he used to share the unit with three men – a German, a Pole and another Sri Lankan.

“All, with exception of the Polish man, have long left the country. ”

ACP Khairi said police were looking for the Polish roommate to assist in the investigation.

“We have reviewed a CCTV recording of the suspect and will be releasing a photofit of him,” said ACP Khairi.

He also said another man, aged between 32 and 33, had been arrested in connection with the murder.

Porn star breaks penis. Twice.

In Carnal Catastrophes on October 8, 2013 at 3:44 pm

Now asking for donations for surgery to fix his mangled member. From Urban Daily.

You can’t make this kind of stuff up. A porn star has broken his penis for the second time and is seeking donations to pay his $32,000 medical bills.


Porn actor Prince Yahshua first broke his money maker three years ago during a shoot.

A couple of weeks ago, the injury was aggravated enough for him to require medical attention. At the hospital, it was discovered he had actually broken his penis for the second time.

Prince Yahshua found out it would cost $32,000 for the surgery to repair his johnson and the subsequent rehabilitation.


Yahshua’s reps have started a fundraising campaign on GiveForward.com to help raise the $32,000 for the actor’s medical expenses.

Prince Yahshua released a statement to AVN.com, “Blown away is what I feel right now. I’m saddened to tell the industry and my diehard fans around the world that the injury that sidelined me three years ago has come back to bite me in a big way.

After seeing and talking to my doctor on Friday, I was informed once again that I must go under the knife to repair bad tissue damage asap.

Today, my heart is a lot happier after seeing what Sandra [McCarthy] and OCM has done for me by starting this fundraiser—I’m speechless! I’d like to thank Sandra, OCM and the fans and companies that have made me who I am today.”

The owner of the agency that reps Prince Yahshua stated, “When Prince contacted me with the devastating news, I was at a loss for words … tears were rolling down my cheeks. I knew I needed to help him emotionally and financially, so I started this fundraiser to help ease the pressure of the huge expenses that were on the way.

Healthcare is unaffordable, and Prince doesn’t have a plan due to his pre-existing condition, so he’ll have to pay for the entire surgery out-of-pocket.

Lately, the industry seems to have been taking hit after hit, but we all need to stick together and unite as one so we can get through whatever life throws at us.”

Australian pensioner impales cock with fork

In Carnal Catastrophes on August 20, 2013 at 10:28 am

Kitchen utensil sex game goes wrong From UK’s Metro.

A 70 year old man has had a 4 inch fork removed from his penis after it became lodged there during a sexual act.

Fork in a penis

The unfortunate incident in Australia was described in a recent medical journal by three surgeons who operated on the man to remove the kitchen utensil.

They talked about how the pensioner had come to the hospital for help after getting the piece of cutlery stuck when using it to achieve sexual climax.

They eventually managed to retrieve the object after using a large amount of lubrication and forceps, while the man was given a general anaesthetic.

‘It is apparent that the human mind is uninhibited let alone creative,’ they wrote in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.

‘Autoerotic stimulation with the aid of self-inserted urethral foreign bodies has been existent since time immemorial and have presented an unusual but known presentation to urologists.’


Burglar captured and used as sex slave by hairdresser

In Carnal Catastrophes on June 27, 2013 at 8:39 am

Male thief ends up real life cheesy porno

Russian burglar Victor Jasinski becasme the victim after being used as a sex slave over three days by beauty salon Olga Zajac when trying to rob her shop.

russian sex

Pixellated face condition led to uncontrollable lust

Jasinski, 32, had attempted to steal the day’s takings from a salon in Meshchovsk, Russia when he was confronted by black belt shop owner.

Zajac demonstrated her martial art skills beating the intruder senseless leaving him semi-conscious before tying him up naked with a hairdryer flex and cuffing him in a back room to a radiator.

The 28-year-old then fed her hostage Viagra and used him as a sex slave for three days – wanting to teach him a lesson.

The rather tired out robber was eventually released and went straight to hospital to receive treatment for his tired out and swollen testicles.

He later told police of his ordeal who arrested him and the salon owner.

When police arrived to question Olag Zajac she said: ‘What a b*****d. Yes, we had sex a couple of times. But I bought him new jeans, gave him food and even gave him 1,000 roubles when he left.’

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