Zimbabwe man beaten in church after ‘supernatural’ sex

In Carnal Catastrophes on March 27, 2014 at 9:03 am

Metaphysical mating goes wrong. From myzimbabwe.com

There was drama at an apostolic church in Cowdry Park suburb in Bulawayo last Saturday when irate congregants reportedly ran amok and severely bashed a man they suspected of using mubobobo to have ‘supernatural sex’ or better known as ‘bluetooth sex’ with female congregants during church service.

what the church may need next Sunday.

Sexy Ghostbuster

The bruised man, who sources  identified as Tafara Mukoto, had to seek refuge from a neighbouring house to avoid further beatings.

Mubobobo is a type of magic where a man uses charms to perform a sexual act on an unsuspecting woman. Often, victims can feel themselves being violated, and even get to briefly enjoy the encounter, before coming out of the spell and regaining control.

Several cases of this African bluetooth sex technology have been reported in the past and it is hard for police and victims to prove the claims beyond reasonable doubt.

However, it is reported that after the busting of Mukoto’s sex shenanigans which work in a bluetooth-like manner, some female congregants expressed concern over the mubobobo issue allegedly revealing that prior to the incident and during the church service they were just feeling as if they were having sex with a man even though there won’t be any man next to them.

A member of the Nguva Yavatenderi Apostolic Church who identified himself as Madzibaba Antony, said some congregants suspected that Mutoko was up to no good when he was seen ‘facially expressing excitement’ as he was standing in the crowd.

“What happened is that one female congregant started complaining that she was just feeling as if she was having sex with a man. She looked confused and troubled and told some elderly women of her suspicions. ASs the matter was being discussed among the women, Mukoto, who was seen constantly tapping his foot suddenly bolted out from the crowd before we gave chase and managed to catch up with him. He was thoroughly beaten and had to seek refuge at a nearby house which is still under construction,” said the source.

The man reportedly claimed that he was innocent but church members were not convinced and they gave him a beating of his life.


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