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Porn star breaks penis. Twice.

In Carnal Catastrophes on October 8, 2013 at 3:44 pm

Now asking for donations for surgery to fix his mangled member. From Urban Daily.

You can’t make this kind of stuff up. A porn star has broken his penis for the second time and is seeking donations to pay his $32,000 medical bills.


Porn actor Prince Yahshua first broke his money maker three years ago during a shoot.

A couple of weeks ago, the injury was aggravated enough for him to require medical attention. At the hospital, it was discovered he had actually broken his penis for the second time.

Prince Yahshua found out it would cost $32,000 for the surgery to repair his johnson and the subsequent rehabilitation.


Yahshua’s reps have started a fundraising campaign on GiveForward.com to help raise the $32,000 for the actor’s medical expenses.

Prince Yahshua released a statement to AVN.com, “Blown away is what I feel right now. I’m saddened to tell the industry and my diehard fans around the world that the injury that sidelined me three years ago has come back to bite me in a big way.

After seeing and talking to my doctor on Friday, I was informed once again that I must go under the knife to repair bad tissue damage asap.

Today, my heart is a lot happier after seeing what Sandra [McCarthy] and OCM has done for me by starting this fundraiser—I’m speechless! I’d like to thank Sandra, OCM and the fans and companies that have made me who I am today.”

The owner of the agency that reps Prince Yahshua stated, “When Prince contacted me with the devastating news, I was at a loss for words … tears were rolling down my cheeks. I knew I needed to help him emotionally and financially, so I started this fundraiser to help ease the pressure of the huge expenses that were on the way.

Healthcare is unaffordable, and Prince doesn’t have a plan due to his pre-existing condition, so he’ll have to pay for the entire surgery out-of-pocket.

Lately, the industry seems to have been taking hit after hit, but we all need to stick together and unite as one so we can get through whatever life throws at us.”

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