Woman crashes car into vacant house after getting ‘turned on’ with boyfriend

In Carnal Catastrophes on May 3, 2013 at 11:40 am

Home destroyed in horny car crash.

A woman from Florida destroyed an unoccupied home in the early hours of Friday after some ‘Ultra-friendly’ antics with her boyfriend caused her to lose control of her Hyundai.

sex car

‘I came. hard’

The accident ruined two rooms and blew out a window in another part of the building.

Neighbour Marvin Johnson, who has been keeping an eye on the house near Daytona Beach, since its owner died in August, told WESH2 TV that he was scared that the car was going to explode and so he called 911.

Sgt Kim Montes, spokesman for Florida Highway Patrol, told the New York Daily News that Asia Walker, 30, told the investigating trooper that she and her boyfriend in the car were getting a little amorous.

Walker of Palm Coast, was arrested and charged with careless driving. She also suffered minor head injuries after being hit by debris, and was treated at Halifax Medical Center.

Her boyfriend Charles Phillips, 38, escaped unhurt.

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