Man and dog hurt in Satanic sex romp

In Carnal Catastrophes on April 2, 2013 at 10:54 am

Very strange story here from the Cheesehead state.

When Milwaukee police arrived in the 900 block of East Knapp Street on Sunday night, they said had no idea they were stumbling into a strange crime scene of sex, violence and the occult, police say.

satan hound
According to a search warrant, Rebecca Chandler, 22, invited an 18-year-old man from Arizona to her east side apartment. He said he arrived from Arizona by bus and for two days was tied up and repeatedly stabbed.

Doctors said the victim was cut more than 300 times.

The man eventually got free and ran for help, leaving behind a trail of blood that was visible in the apartment hallway days later.

Chandler told police the cutting started as part of a sexual encounter that got out of hand. She said her roommate did most of the cutting.

Sources identified the roommate as Raven Larrabee, 20, of Colorado.

Chandler said Larrabee is into satanic and occult activities. Police said they found a number of books about those topics in the apartment, including “Werewolf’s Guide To Life” and “Necromantic Ritual Book.”

The victim met the women on the Internet, according to court records.

Police sources said it was on the website GaiaOnline.com, a website where people create online avatars and interact with each other through those characters.

We’ve also learned the suspects owned a dog that was cut.
Read more: http://www.wisn.com/Dog-May-Have-Been-Injured-In-Satanic-Sex-Romp/-/9374034/8044570/-/xiigrz/-/index.html#ixzz2P76v7k00


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