Lion Allegedly Kills Zimbabwe Woman Having Sex

In Carnal Catastrophes on March 11, 2013 at 11:35 am

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A lion reportedly attacked a man and woman having sex in a bush in Africa, killing the woman.

News website My Zimbabwe reports that Sharai Mawera and an unidentified male were having sex in a bushy area of a Zimbabwe village when a lion attacked them.

An earlier threesome that didn't end in tragedy

An earlier threesome with the robot off A.I that ended happily

“Unfortunately the woman, who was also known as Mai Desire, was mauled to death by the lion, but her boyfriend managed to escape naked and he was only wearing a condom,” a source reportedly told the outlet. “The two were having their quality time near Mahombekombe Primary School.”

The man eventually notified police who, along with officials from the Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority, accompanied him to the scene where they allegedly found the woman’s mauled body, according to the report.

The Huffington Post reached out to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management to confirm details of the attack but did not immediately receive a response.

The story of the deadly sex — picked up by the Telegraph, the New York Post and theHerald Sun — may seem quite unbelievable. It is worth noting that a similar incident with an almost identical outcome was reported by the BBC in 2002.

In August 2002, the news outlet reported that a man and woman were attacked by a lion when they were having sex in a bush near their Tanzanian village. The ferocious feline attacked the woman, but the man escaped. When he returned later with other villagers, the lion had disappeared and all that was left was the woman’s mauled remains.

Still, the Associated Press is reporting that the National Parks and Wildlife Authority is warning Zimbabweans living near Harare to be cautious after rogue lions mauled two people to death on the shores of Lake Kariba.

On Tuesday, a lion is reported to have attacked a man and a woman in the area, according to the AP. The man was able to escape, but the woman was killed and most of her corpse was eaten.

The AP does not offer details on the circumstances surrounding the attack.

Although wild lion populations have drastically reduced in Africa over the past decades, lion attacks are not uncommon. In Tanzania alone, lions have been known to kill 100 people each year, according to the Smithsonian.

A 2005 study by the National Science Foundation discovered that 39 percent of lion attacks occur between March and May during the harvest season, when farmers often sleep outside to protect their livestock.

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