Woman’s leg broken after sex act dislodges graveyard tombstone

In Carnal Catastrophes on January 18, 2013 at 11:54 am

The undead taking revenge on a sex crazed couple?

An amorous woman was rushed to hospital after a gravestone rolled onto her leg while she was allegedly engaged in a sexual act.


looks painful

Police say the 39-year-old woman was with a male friend in Ahavath Israel Cemetery, Trenton when the visit to a relatives grave took an unexpected twist.

Speaking to AOL, Captain James Stevens of Hamilton Township police said: ‘There may have been some extracurricular activities.’

The woman was not seriously hurt in the accident.

A graveyard administrator said she was waiting for a full police report before possibly pressing charges.

Speaking to AOL, she said: ‘The information will be more clear after we have the police report.

‘We’ll decide after that.’

It was not clear how the tombstone was dislodged  or if it was in fact that of the relative.

Police said the woman would not face charges with Capt. Stevens adding: ‘ We received a 911 call for an emergency. It’s not a crime.’


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