Homebrew penis enlargement goes wrong

In Carnal Catastrophes on December 17, 2012 at 9:58 am

In a case of male enhancement gone wrong Costa Mesa Fire and Rescue workers were called on Tuesday to save something they likely didn’t count on. A man’s penis that was trapped in the metal ring of a barbell.

cock marrow

incident recreate by the Marrow Growers of Great Britain

The drama began when a man in his 50’s tried to enlarge his penis by placing it inside the metal ring of a dumbbell weight fastener. The ring would then be connected to weights in an effort to stretch things out a bit.

Emergency crews say the man’s ill-placed organ became stuck inside the ring after it reportedly swelled to five times it’s normal size.

Emergency workers believe the man’s penis had been stuck for nearly 3 days prior to their arrival and the man was initially resistant to getting treatment for the problem, according to Deputy Keith Jones of the Costa Mesa fire department.

“This was a patient that was obviously having some other issues,” said Jones.

After the man finally consented to having the dumbbell ring removed, emergency workers were forced to use a pneumatic chisel to cut through the metal ring. The procedure took nearly two hours to complete, according to Jones.


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