‘Sex romp’ on company beano bus led to fight, court hears

In Carnal Catastrophes on September 19, 2012 at 3:50 pm

Scottish workers day out ends in sex and blood. Sounds ideal. From Scottish Daily Record.

A BRAWL broke out on the bus home from a Stagecoach company party after a couple were accused of having sex in the back seats, a court heard yesterday.

Passengers confronted office worker Martin Wood over his romp with a woman who was straddling his lap, it was claimed.

fancy a threeway hen?

And Martin allegedly hit back by inviting his critics to join them for a threesome.

Martin, 20, told the court he was punched in the face and held down while someone tried to shove his fingers into his eyes.

He also claimed that two of his female pals were hit and one of his accusers threatened to”rip his piercings out”. But the two men accused of assaulting Martin were both cleared.

‘But you will never take our penis’

Perth Sheriff Court heard that trouble flared on the bus after Stagecoach boss Brian Souter hosted a bash at his mansion to honour long-serving employees.

Staff were heading back to Perth from Ochtertyre House near Crieff when Martin was allegedly confronted by Roddy MacKenzie, 51, and Andrew Munns, 52, who were sitting across from him and his lady friend.

MacKenzie’s partner Norma Scott, 53, said her man got involved in the row after she became “distressed” about the “sex” romp.

Norma told the court: “They were having sex on the bus and boasting about it.

“A comment was made to Mr MacKenzie and Mr Munns about how they were jealous because they didn’t get sex at home any more.”

Munns’s wife Agnes added: “There was a young couple behind me. The girl was straddling him and they started to simulate sex.

“The general feeling was it was inappropriate behaviour on a company bus.

“Next thing I know Roddy was on his feet and there was a commotion. There were lots of people. It was a rammy.”

Martin told the court he was chatting to his friends when “someone said they wanted to rip my piercings out”. He added: “I had six.”

He went on:”I told the man that if he wanted to do it, he could go ahead. I stood up to grab my jacket. All I can remember is being punched. It was quite a large man. He just punched me in the face.

“A couple of friends tried to pull him off and I tried to defend myself. He struck two of the girls with me and one had her glasses broken.

“I was held down and he tried to put his fingers into my eyes. I couldn’t move. All I could do was bite the thumb of the person.

“I was really terrified. I didn’t expect anything like that on a works night out.”

The court heard that MacKenzie had his thumb bitten through to the bone during the brawl. He said he had to go for hepatitis and tetantus jabs and accused Martin of landing the first blow in the fight.

He also insisted that Martin “made comments to my partner and Andy’s wife about having a threesome”. Martin denies the claim.

MacKenzie, of Nimmo Place, and Munns, of Simpson Place, both Perth, denied assaulting Martin by repeatedly punching him on the head on May 11 last year.

Sheriff Michael Fletcher said he believed “on the balance of probabilities” that MacKenzie had assaulted Martin. But he said the case had not been proved beyond reasonable doubt because of inconsistencies in the Crown evidence and found the charge not proven.

The case against Munns was dropped midway through the trial. Stagecoach refused to comment.

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