Woman Holds Up Man During Sex in Moving Car

In Carnal Catastrophes on September 13, 2012 at 10:05 am

She could have at least waited till he finished. From abc news.

A female robber pulled a gun on a man while they were having sex in a moving car driven by the victim, police say.

The action, not surprisingly, triggered a crash. The slightly battered 26-year-old Florida woman, Amanda Jean Linscott, fled the scene after the car hit a palm tree and sailed through the air to tear up two yards in a Charlotte County town, reports ABC News.

Linscott was finally busted yesterday, more than a week after the incident.

Did he hit her in the eye with his penis?

She sports a black eye in her mug shot from a punch in the face from her victim during a skirmish in the vehicle, presumably after the sex, say police.


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