Randy dolphin ‘danger’ to divers

In Carnal Catastrophes on September 12, 2012 at 9:15 am

Not just sharks you have to watch out for while skinny dipping.

A randy dolphin is trying to get frisky with divers in the waters off the Cayman Islands.

Sex Dolphin on the prowl

One recent encounter with “Stinky” the dolphin was filmed by Michael Maes, an underwater videographer on Grand Cayman Island, according to The Huffington Post.

The video, posted to Maes’ YouTube page, shows the lonesome dolphin circling and trying to “ride” Maes before turning to Maes’ friend.

Stinky rubs his body along the other diver’s back before trying to roll him over.

Maes said he posted the video, which is starting to go viral, to show the dangers of lone dolphins like Stinky who are looking for a mate.

“It remains a wild animal and Stinky is in an awkward situation which can turn him into a playful killer-machine,” he wrote on his YouTube page. “Please be prudent people and get out of the water when you see him. Believe me, if he decides, you don’t stand the slightest chance!”

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