Woman drowns after underwater oral sex

In Carnal Catastrophes on August 25, 2012 at 3:04 pm

Down under beach fun goes terribly wrong.

A sexual romp at a popular Darwin beach ended in the death of a 25-year-old woman, who drowned while performing oral sex on a man, the Northern Territory’s Supreme Court heard.

The woman had sexual intercourse with Christopher Sean Payne, 34, in “a number of positions” in the water off Pee Wee Camp beach, before she voluntarily submerged to perform fellatio on him.

something else romping in the water

Prosecutor Michael Carey told the court that while the woman was performing oral sex, Christopher “became excited and put his hands on her head and kept her down there.” The prosecutor said Payne told police that he noticed something was amiss when the woman stopped performing fellatio.

He wondered what was going on, so he let her up.

“He says that she did not try to get up, she wasn’t kicking or splashing, and that he really didn’t do anything except let her up as soon as she stopped sucking on his penis,” Prosecutor Carey told the court. He said that when Christopher realized the woman was dead, he “freaked out,” dressed, and drove away.

Christopher, who has been in prison since two days after the drowning on October 11 last year, pleaded guilty to committing a dangerous act on October 11, 1999. His counsel, Suzan Cox, told Justice Sir William Kearney that her client still had “recurring nightmares” about the drowning. “He keeps seeing it while he tries to sleep at night,” Ms. Cox reported. She said a psychiatrist found that Christopher had a deep sense of shame about the incident. He had required treatment for nervous outbreaks of boils twelve times in the past year.

Ms Cox said that before Payne and the woman went into the sea, they had drunk 11 750-ml bottles of beer, and an autopsy found that the woman had a blood alcohol reading of .287 – almost six times the legal Australian driving limit. “She might have just passed out under the water. That might explain why she didn’t struggle,” Ms Cox told the court.

She said that although Payne had an alcohol problem, he was considered a quiet, shy, good-natured and considerate person by his employers and friends. Ms Cox said the unusual nature of the case meant there was no need for Justice Kearney to consider imposing a harsh penalty on him to deter others.

Justice Kearney sentenced Christopher to 4.5 years on Monday. “It’s an unusual case that needed careful deliberation,” Justice Kearney said.


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