Woman denies amorous advances caused crash

In Carnal Catastrophes on August 23, 2012 at 10:44 am

A woman accused of performing a sexual act on a man when he crashed in Darwin’s riral area is outraged at the allegation and says it is “absolutely wrong”.

the frightfully well spoken Miss White

Allyson White said the mark left by her seat belt across her chest was proof the claims of “amorous activities” with the driver were not true.

“I was not ****ing his **** — and it’s pretty obvious that wasn’t the case … you only have to look at the mark on my chest,” she said.

“Clearly I had my seat belt on, so it’s impossible I’d be leaning over ****ing his ***** unless he is hung like a donkey or I’ve got a ******* rubber neck.

“If it was true I’d just cop it sweet and think ‘how embarrassing, I got caught ****ing someone’s ****’.

“But it is not true and that’s what is p***ing me off. It didn’t happen like that at all — he was just going too fast.”

Police told in Thursday’s Northern Territory News how they believe a driver crashed his car while involved in “amorous activities” with his female passenger.

They said the 33-year-old man was distracted by the woman and veered off the road, smashing his single cab Hilux ute into a concrete drain on Pioneer Rd in Humpty Doo.

But Ms White said that wasn’t true.

“It may have looked bad when police first arrived as my ‘girls’ were hanging out all over the place.

“I also had a $5 note wedged between my boobs so they probably just assumed I was a sex worker or something … but $5 is a bit cheap for a **** job.”

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