Car crash prostitute may get compensation

In Carnal Catastrophes on August 16, 2012 at 8:14 am

Another day, another lady of the night in an automobile accident. From NZ herald.

A sex worker hurt when she and her client plunged 100m down a Canterbury hillside in his car may be eligible for compensation for a work-related injury.

an olden days hooker car

The woman is believed to have been in the car with a man driving on Christchurch’s Port Hills when the vehicle went off the Summit Rd in icy weather and fell into a gully early on Friday morning.

It is understood the man had hired the woman for sexual services before the accident.

Prostitutes’ Collective spokeswoman Anna Reed did not know the worker involved, but she said the Port Hills seemed an unusually long way out of the city for a client to take a prostitute.

The pair were stranded in the car for several hours in the near-freezing temperatures until passing motorists called police about 9.30am.

A helicopter was used to free the pair, who were taken to Christchurch Hospital. They were reported to be in stable condition on Friday, but updated details were unavailable yesterday.

Police are investigating the crash.

An Accident Compensation Corporation spokesman told the Herald he did not know details of the case, but if the woman was registered as a sex worker and paid taxes, she could make a claim for a work-related injury based on that.

“Although I’m not sure how she would show it was a work-related injury. If it happened in a brothel, it’s reasonably straightforward,” he


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