Overweight woman snaps boyfriend’s penis

In Carnal Catastrophes on August 10, 2012 at 12:47 pm

BBW fandom is not without its dangers. From UK’s Closer magazine.

Twenty-five-year-old lisa Kendall prides herself on treating boyfriend Steve Rankin to wild sex – but she never planned on making him scream with pain.

the cock crippler

The kinky 32st secretary, who scoffs a whopping 6,000 calories a day, was enjoying a steamy “woman on top” sex session with her 33-year-old lover when she pushed down and heard a sickening snap. Yelping in agony, Steve, who’s half Lisa’s weight, looked down to see his penis hanging in a limp L-shape.

Shockingly, doctors confirmed Lisa’s hefty weight had torn ligaments in Steve’s penis – and now it will be permanently curved unless the couple can raise enough cash to fund the expensive £7,500 corrective surgery.

Now, despite being limited to sex doggie style at an angle, Steve insists he’ll keep his curved penis and says he doesn’t blame Lisa – even wanting her to gain more weight.

Steve now has to stand sideways at urinals and gets accused of voyeurism by other men, but says: “I don’t blame Lisa – I love big women – but I don’t let her go on top now!”

The sex-mad couple from LA, who met at work and have been together for a year, were having sex last June when the accident occurred.

“Lisa was on top and we were going for it,” remembers Steve, a printer. “She started to slip and couldn’t steady herself. She fell off as I was pushing up.

“I was screaming, it felt like my penis was being ripped off. My penis suddenly went flaccid and started to swell. The pain was unbelievable.”

Crying, Lisa rushed Steve to hospital.

“Doctors gave him painkillers and ice,” recalls Lisa. “They recommended surgery but we can’t afford it as we have no medical insurance so Steve’s now stuck with chronic penis curvature unless we can find the money one day.”

The bruising took three weeks to subside. “The pain was really bad and I had trouble using the toilet,” explains Steve.

“I couldn’t wear tight underpants.

“The mornings were painful as I would wake up with a natural erection but it was over a month before I could get an erection by being aroused and another month before we made love again.”

“I was nervous when we had sex. I felt like a virgin and had four vodkas. But Lisa was gentle and we used extra lubrication. It was a relief it still worked.”

Steve’s manhood used to stand at 6.3in when fully erect, but the accident has now reduced it to 5.8in.

Oddly, Steve admits he’d like Lisa to be even bigger – despite Lisa offering to lose weight because she felt so guilty.

And bizarrely, she plans to hit 35st by June to mark the anniversary of the accident.

Lisa, who’s always been big and says she has no health problems, indulges in six doughnuts, a brownie and three bacon sandwiches for breakfast. Lunch is normally a chicken curry and a hamburger, and dinner is two family size pizzas and a litre of ice-cream. She snacks on cheesecake, popcorn and five packets of crisps a day.

The pair now make love four times a week but have been warned that if Steve’s penis is incorrectly bent again he could end up impotent – but despite wanting kids in the future, they’re unperturbed.

“I do take extra care but Steve doesn’t want me to lose weight and we’re certainly not going to stop having sex!” says Lisa.



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