Orgasming woman passes out at bus stop

In Carnal Catastrophes on July 31, 2012 at 9:46 am

waiting for the bus with a sex toy inside you may not be the best idea. From the Jamaican Star 

Vendors in Half Way Tree, St. Andrew just can’t stop talking about a bizarre incident that took place there last week.

Tongues have been wagging about a self-pleasuring instrument that fell from under a woman’s skirt when she collapsed while standing along Constant Spring Road, just in front of the Nelson Mandela Park.

When THE WEEKEND STAR visited the area Wednesday evening, at least four persons claimed to witnessed the incident. Others heard about it.

could this have happened if the driver had been using the sex toy?

“How unnu STAR people tan suh, unnu did haffi hear dat eeeh…Unnu cudn’t mek da one ya pass,” a vendor, Max Gooden remarked before continuing to demand a ‘small’ fee for information he had. “Unnu ting ago sell off eno, gimmi a smalls man.”

Reports are that last Friday some time after 9 p.m., the woman was waiting on a bus when she suddenly fell ill

“Di woman stand up good, good a wait pon bus and she jus drop sudden suh…Me an di res a man dem a seh like babes, ‘get up, hush’, but afta couple seconds wi see seh she naw get up so wi rush go rescue har,” he said.

He then continued, “When wi go ova to har is like seh she did knock out cause she naw move but yu coulda see seh she still a breathe cause har belly did a move up and dung.”

Another man, Kevin Forbes interrupted and remarked; “a di freak woman unnu a chat bout”. He was urged by Gooden to assist in telling the tale of what had happened.

After cracking a few jokes about the woman, Forbes continued; “When wi realise seh she couldn’t get up by harself, wi lif har up, a deh so joke start pop now.”

The men claim that the instrument fell out as they lifted her off the ground. “She lucky seh she get back har strength quick, cause when di ting drop and wi look and see seh a dat, a pure laughing,” Gooden said.

“Di woman not even brush off harself, when she see seh a dat mek wi a laugh she grab it up fast, fast and chuck it inna har bag and walk go dung a di stoplight go stand up and tek one taxi.”

The men believe that the woman fainted because she continuously had an orgasm. “Nuttin but di ting feel so good a vibrate pon har, she jus come and come and come til she weak out and cudn’t even stand up nuh more,” one of the men said.

Following our visit to Half-Way Tree, THE STAR sought a doctor’s advice on whether an orgasm could have caused the young woman’s collapse.

Dr Alverston Bailey, past president of the Medical Association of Jamaica, said; “There are some vibrators that can be attached to her underclothes and controlled by a remote. It can induce a fairly intense orgasm especially if it is one which has direct contact with her clitoris…An orgasm could create a euphoric feeling and could perhaps make her feel a little dizzy.”

He said however that he could not say if that was the reason for her fainting spell. “Unless the person is seen and examined then I couldn’t say that’s what caused it,” Dr Bailey said.

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