husband murders wife who bit penis

In Carnal Catastrophes on July 13, 2012 at 9:17 am

No one comes out of this one looking good. From The Sun:

A man has been jailed for killing his fiancee because she bit his penis during sex.

James Leopold, 33, hit Laura Lee Robertson in the neck with both hands after she clamped her teeth down on his manhood.

The pair had been romping following an argument.

Chris Manning, defending, told a court: “He was bitten not accidentally, but purposely and forcefully on his penis.

a penis that can bite back

“The bite severed a tendon and the pain was excruciating for him, at one point leaving him thinking he was facing amputation.”

Jurors heard how Leopold, from Nova Scotia, Canada, panicked after 47-year-old Robertson’s death and moved her body from their home.

Robertson was reported missing when she did not show up for work and Leopold was arrested after her body was found a month later in a wooded area.

A post-mortem found Robertson was strangled but the jury accepted Leopold’s account that he killed her with a single blow to the neck.

He was found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to seven years behind bars.

He must still serve six after having spent one year in jail already.

Robertson’s daughter Amanda Jones said after the case: “I’m not relieved, but I can get some peace from this sentence.

“I believe it could have quadrupled what it was and I probably still wouldn’t have been happy, but I do feel a sense of peace.”


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